Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why You and Your Church Should not Support Independent Foreign Missionaries

1) It is expensive. Missions cost a lot of money. Missionaries are always needing money. Often they are sick or their vehicle is constantly breaking down because they have to travel to remote places to bring the Gospel. They are always giving their money away to meet the needs of the poor that surround them. They are never content to just have a simple ministry. They always want to do more for God and for people. And they are always asking for more money to do those things.

That money could be better spent on family vacations, good coffee, amusements, or kept in the "building fund" of the church in case something happens.

2) It is hard work. Independent missionaries do not have a large, well paid staff to take care of their business. They are often so busy working that they do not get enough sleep. They are often pouring out their lives to get the Gospel to one more person before the sun goes down or to drive a family to the doctor who lives 10 hours away, and other stuff. Maybe they need to slow down and stop trying to do so much? Maybe they should spend some of that money and buy a TV and just relax.

Also, it is a pain. They do not have a staff and often their family in the US is not converted so they have no one to help them. Their only option is to call on the churches that support them. This takes time and energy away from the church. Maybe the church should just support well funded missionaries who are already paid a lot and who have a large staff (even if most of the money goes to administrative costs and never makes it to the field)? Maybe the church should just cut out missions altogether so that the people in the church will not be inconvenienced.

3) It is too far away. Why do we have to send people to the other side of the world? There are lost people and poor people here. Surely, if God wanted people to be saved He would have made sure they were born in the US- or at least Canada or Mexico. 

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