Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morning Meditation

My day begins with a motorcycle ride to the highway…one driver two passengers…I board a jeepney crammed with other morning commuters. The radio blares terrible "80's" music…the vehicles in front of us belch out black clouds of raw diesel fumes. Even though I know each breath shaves seconds off  my life I breathe deep….the smell is sweet to me. The round face of a small child making no effort to hide the fact that she is amazed by my hazel eyes and white skin. We pass along the highway the shacks where people live…selling bananas…flies swarming the raw meat...brown feet in flip-flops turning the pedals of tricycles…Lola (grandma) fanning charcoal flames to cook on the grill…Leaping over the flooded street corner as I exit the jeepney…The morning sun already causing me to perspire…I have moved passed mere contentment and am flooded with joy. I am torn between stifling the tears streaming down my face or breaking forth in a highly inappropriate PDW (public display of worship)…"Filth…stench…inconvenience"…at this moment there is no place else in this world I would rather be. 

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