Thursday, April 11, 2013

4 Simple Ways to Support Missions When You Think You Can't

1) Pray. Adopt a missionary or two and pray for them regularly. Encourage others to pray for them. Stay in contact with the missionaries so that you will know how to specifically pray for their needs.

2) Be an advocate. Use every opportunity to share with others about the missionary and his work. Email, letters, phone calls and social media are ways that you can assist in getting the vision out and helping them to get support.

3) Host a dinner. Invite the missionary to meet your friends, family and people from you church. Let the missionary share about his work and then you encourage your guests to support him.

4) Give. I know, you don't have the money, right? But let's be honest. You probably do have the ability to give some support. Sell items that are not essential to your survival (collections, hobbies, etc.). Cut out some of your amusements, entertainments, family vacation spending, eating out, expensive coffee, etc.

Missionaries risk everything. Surely you can sacrifice some comforts.

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