Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reformed Consumers and Hindrances to Reformation

Those of us in the Reformed camp are so fortunate that God has smiled upon us to give the grace to understand His Word and His nature. Truly, reformed theology unites the whole of scripture to give us a greater and more accurate picture of God. But despite our greater knowledge and understanding of God I can’t help but wonder if many of the reformed are also very blind and very ignorant in other areas.

For example, take the very simple doctrine of the Church. Academically, most of the reformed could articulate an accurate definition of the Church, many could explain the function and marks of the church and most could even give scriptural support for their words but so many seem to have no concept of the practical life of the Christian in the church. Whereas those who embrace reformed theology would look down their nose at the “program ran, ‘purpose driven,’ entertainment focused, pragmatic” false church and would be critical of those who attend them for seeking self-pleasure, many of the reformed are not much different. They are simply consumers with a different shopping list and so many, they think that the church exists to serve them. They are like a selfish person who when the relationship no longer satisfies their needs or when it begins to cost them something they are apt to leave.

There is no commitment to the church. Even in situations where pastors are laboring to make real and needed changes many of the “reformed” will flee rather than fight. They are really no different than those who have a lower view of God – both groups think the church exists to serve them, both think that there is a crown without a cross and both are unwilling to suffer for the cause of Christ. If things don’t go their way, if there is difficulty in the reforming process and if their “needs” are not met then it is easy just to go down the road to the next church that appears to have what they want.

So many are like the young man who dates a girl that he is not in love with or necessarily attracted to until ”someone better” comes along. They are unwilling to marry and commit themselves to the church for better or worse. They are unwilling to stand and fight and pay the cost to reform the body of Christ. They have shallow, selfish commitments. They use the church to meet their needs and if their perceived needs are not met they can always leave.

Jesus lays down His life for the church but they are far too “reformed” to sacrifice for reformation. No, they deserve better than that!


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