Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The New (Hyper) Calvinists

Hyper-Calvinism (of course) was used to describe that school of thought which denied human responsibility to follow the commands of God in disciple-making. I have noticed a growing number of “new hyper-Calvinists.” I admit I am being inaccurate in my use of the term, but please stick with me and I will explain. A lot of the things we say are “hyper-Calvinistic” and many of our actions are also. I hear it more and more it seems. You may not realize it but you have probably heard such statements also. In fact unknowingly, you may have even said some of these things. Let me give you some real, life examples to illustrate what I mean by the “new Hyper-Calvinists.”

“Well, if it’s God’s will you’ll have the money you need to do missions.”

“If God did not want me to be fat He would have given me more grace to be thin.”

“I know that God has an elect people and if my grandchildren are one of the elect they will be saved.”

“If it is God’s will then He can revive our nation.”

My first response to such statements is "Well, duh!" Please notice in each of the above listed occurrences that the speaker has the ability to have an affect upon the situation but abdicates ability and responsibility. There are scriptures that gives clear commands and principles for each of the above statements.

Missions: “Go…make disciples”; principles of giving and tithing, "Where your treasure is..."etc.

Gluttony (or any sin): “Mortify your members…” etc.

Lost: “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word…”; “Preach the Word…” etc.

Revival: Principles taken from verses like “if my people…will turn to Me…”; “Come, let us return to the Lord…” etc.

Since when does the hidden decrees of God supplant His clear commands? The “secret things belong to the Lord” and the commands are given for our life. The sovereignty of God is not an excuse for sin, laziness and disobedience. Martin Luther expressed it this way:

"We must keep in view His Word and leave alone His inscrutable will; for it is by His Word and not by His inscrutable will that we must be guided." -- Martin Luther

The great advantage of being a new “hyper-Calvinist” is that it allows a person to be lazy, irresponsible and selfish while cloaking their sins in spirituality. They can do nothing and declare “I am just submitting to the sovereignty of God.” The reality is that they are denying the clear commands of Scripture.

If more people would follow the clear commands of God more of His “will” would be accomplished on the earth. 

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Bobby Crenshaw said...

What a great post! People take something that is theologically true(sovereignty) and use it to disobey scripture (responsibility). The scriptures however tell us what to do (responsibility) and our rule is not what God has done or will do (sovereignty). The examples you give were great and we never find the Apostles reasoning in such a way, but rather the opposite. Their focus was on "bringing my body under subjection", "mortifying the deeds of the flesh", "striving to enter the straight gate". They believed this AND the other. However, Hyper's use the sovereignty of God and speak (as you pointed out) and act in an unscriptural manner. Great post!

-Bobby Crenshaw