Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quick Thoughts from the Feild: Philippines

The Lord has opened so many doors to minister while I have been here. It seems almost daily I am being asked to speak, teach or fellowship. It is very humbling. The evangelism in the park Saturday went so well. It was great to look around and see people reading the tracts we brought. Next Saturday we will be evangelizing at a park near the Catholic cathedral & school. I am really praying for the power of God to preach there.
I was invited to teach Sunday school and to preach at Christ Bible Church (a church plant of the ministry I have been working with since last year). The people were shy but attentive. The church is growing but is in need of help (resources, laborers, finances, etc.).
I was so very humbled and broken by what one of the brother's told me. He has a part-time job at a local Bible college teaching hermeneutics. He told me he was using the booklet I produced and notes from my lecture last year at the pastor's conference to teach the class. So humbling- but more to the point: these demonstrates the desperate need they have for materials and for mentoring.
On a final note: I have been truly devastated in my spirit regarding the level of poverty. For example, yesterday I bought 1 kilo of bananas for my lunch from a vendor right outside the hotel door. She had 3 very young little girls- the oldest maybe 6 or 7. I noticed the little girl was stirring a black pot of rice on an open fire (yes, right there on the side walk). When I went out later that night to buy some bottled water, the lady & her 3 girls were sleeping on a wooden cart beside the bananas. As I walked after dark, I saw many people sleeping on the sidewalk. There was a boy (maybe 8 years old) who was alone, filthy and sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the dark sidewalk. And this is normal...I could give so many other examples. It is heart-breaking.
I thank you for prayers and concern,
God bless- B.

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