Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Facebook Page Reveals Your Heart

What do you post on your Facebook? Take a look at what is in your photos and what you post on your wall. I am very shocked by people who profess to be Christians at what they post. Please understand, I am not necessarily talking about anything that would be considered inappropriate or obscene but rather what I often see is just worldly. Granted, we can all hide our sins and in public put on a face of piety. We can all harbor gross sin in our hearts. But there seems to be a certain turning over of God when the sins of a person’s heart are publically revealed.
I am especially shocked when I see ministers and missionaries posting pictures of cars, boats, food or houses on social networking sites. What is the message being sent? Are these the things they rejoice in? Is this the desires of their hearts? Whereas I see no value in self-imposed poverty and that on rare occasions, poverty is used by the perverted to show a false piety, yet Jesus does not rebuke the poor but has much to say for those who possess wealth and those who pursue wealth.
I had mentioned in my previous post how our prayers reveal our hearts. What then about those who pray for material things? I recall a conversation that occurred a few years ago that took place in a Sunday school class. During the time for prayer request, a young lady requested that the Lord would guide her and her husband in which new SUV to buy. When I heard this, my heart was grieved. Is this really a concern? Or is this just an opportunity to boast in material gain? And yet, I often see on social networking sites not just Christians, but those who are ministers and missionaries praying for opulent, obsessive material goods.
Have they never read that we are not to be concern about what we will wear or what we will eat? Have they never heard that we should avoid amassing treasures on this earth because they will be of no eternal worthy but we are instead to being using our time and resources to forward the Kingdom of God? I wonder…

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