Thursday, October 27, 2011

WANTED: Dead Men and Dead Women

Wanted: People who will leave their air conditioned buildings with padded pews and successful churches, with large buildings, manicured lawns, beautiful d├ęcor, big screen TVs, webcasts and TV ministries with well dressed, dignified members, and come die.

Qualification: Salvation, faith, anguish (optional), selflessness, ability to live sacrificially and in poverty. This includes willingness to drive an old car that runs on faith, to live in a home that is substandard to the modern culture, and to live without health insurance. Ability to endure the smell of mold and mildew, singing that is not well preformed and a piano that is not properly tuned. Working conditions include no youth ministry, no orchestra and no nursery. Must be able to endure preaching from a person who is not attractive- who does not have a “dynamic” personality, who spends hours weeping in prayer and who may not have perfect homiletics, dignity, sanity or perfect diction.  

Duties: Cleaning the toilet, sweeping the floor, teaching Sunday school, visitation, prayer, fasting and evangelism.

Compensation: The retirement plan is out of this world and you will be give an extra measure of God's grace. 

There will be no earthly, material compensation

Are you qualified for the job of reformation? Are you ready to die? 

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TScales said...

Wow! That will draw a crowd! The way is narrow isn't it!