Thursday, June 2, 2011


With my recent visit to the Philippines, God has placed a tremendous opportunity into our lap. The Philippines have over 92 million people and less than 3% are Christian. That means there are almost 90 million people who if they died today would spend eternity in hell. We might be inclined to say “So what, there are many places in the world that does not have the Gospel.” Certainly that is true. But there are some unique factors that make the Philippines enticing. First, the government of the Philippines is friendly to our country. A U.S. Citizen can travel to the Philippines without a VISA (a VISA is only required if a person intends to stay for over 21 days and the VISA is easy to acquire).
Secondly, half the population speaks English. There were 10 pastors (a total of 14 people) at the conference in May that we hosted. I spoke in English the entire conference and all our conversations were in English. Language is not a barrier. Also there are no cultural barriers. It is not necessary to train a missionary in language, pay to get them into the country, pay to support them in the country and give them months or years to assimilate into the cultural and more time to “build relationships” to plant a church. These men live there. They already know people and are established in the community. 
Thirdly, we do not have to evangelize the country; all we have to do is train and empower the men who are already there to do the work. Indigenous missionaries can do so much more with so much less. The money that would support an American missionary will support 10-20 indigenous missionaries (many “mission societies” spend large amounts of money on bloated salaries and administration.) The real advantage of this endeavor is that there are already pastors and men who desire to preach the Gospel. They are hungry for the Word and starving for training. They have passion and zeal. They are spiritually strong. They recognize their need is for training in the Word and in ministry.
That is where we come in (you and me). The task set before us is insurmountable- in human power. But God can do anything! Will you please pray for this effort? Pray God’s blessing to accomplish what He has set before us. Pray for the resources and finances to make this possible. Pray that God will send us help…so that all this may be done that He would receive glory by the preaching of His Word in Asia.
Thank you! God bless.

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