Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Notes to my brothers: Part 4 “I am called into ministry but I do not know what to do.”

1) Be obedient where you are.
                - (see previous post) A steward of God must be found faithful. Why should God trust you with more if you are not a good steward of what you have been already given? Part of the qualification process is being faithful where you are. If God wants you someplace else He will move you. Until He moves you there are jails, nursing homes, malls, and street corners that are empty of a Gospel representative. Go fill them.
2) When the Lord brings out your areas of weakness (and He will) work on them rather than ignore them.
                - God will reveal your areas of weakness in ministry. The purpose of these revelations is so that we can confess our weakness, appeal to God’s grace and take responsibility to improve in those areas. Let me give you a personal example please. I am not a very sociable person. I never have been. I never saw myself as a pastor but God had other plans. He put me in the role of a pastor and now I have to deal with my weakness. I have to repent of my “personality” and fulfill the role I have been appointed to. Pastors must love the flock they have been given. I have learned how to express love to the flock I have been entrusted with- but it has not been easy for me. What is your area of weakness?
3) Examine your motivations (idolatry, pride, etc.)
                - Count the cost. Is there ANYTHING else you can do? If so, forget ministry and go do that. Being “churched called” or “momma called” will lead you to disaster. Ministry (Biblical ministry) is not easy. In fact, it is very difficult. Add to that the accountability of the minister to God, and it should be obvious that this is not an endeavor to be entered into lightly.
5) Stop comparing yourself to others.
                -God does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants and to whom He wants. We must surrender ourselves to Him to allow Him to do with us whatever He wants- even if that is nothing. Be faithful where you are and stop comparing yourself to others. If you are believer then you are a worshipper and a minister. God has saved you, empowered you with the Holy Spirit and has given you abilities and gifts. You have been assigned a ministry. You ministry is not in some future time and future place when you “arrive.” Your ministry is here and your ministry is now.
6) Seek a mentor and serve him.
                - Find someone who is being a faithful servant and attach yourself to him. You will be serving God and will see faithfulness modeled. Consider this an “apprenticeship” in service. You will not learn much by sitting in a pastor’s office or chatting over lunch. You will learn much more by “doing.” See the ugly, dirty underside of ministry not just the smile of Sunday morning. Then you will understand why your pastor’s eyes are red have bags under them.


Frank Rollberg said...

Thanks Brother.

chad beck said...

I do not like your using such slang terminology but, "awesome" post! I pray God will allow men who have a desire for the ministry to read this blog. They need to understand being a shepherd is not about standing behind the sacred desk and telling the people what they learned this week. Rather, it is the blood, sweat,and tears of serving God and wrestling in agony over the peoples souls. God help them and may He grant grace to those men (me as well) to see the truths of being a faithful pastor.