Saturday, November 27, 2010

Theology of the Nominal Christian Part 3: "Judge not"

                Have ever noticed that when you preach the Gospel the nominal Christian will say things like:

      “The Bible says you are not supposed to judge people. When you tell people that they are going to hell you are judging. Only God has the right to judge!” 

                The nominal Christian knows scripture…Well, they know pieces of some scripture that they think they can use to support their carnality. Even Satan quoted scripture and like them, he twisted it to suit his own ends. Perhaps one of the most abused scriptures that the nominal Christian twists is “judge not.” 

                                Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge so that you will not be judged.”

                Jesus was speaking about hypocrisy. Jesus addresses the person who lay burdens on others and ignore their own sin. Jesus is speaking of self-righteousness and not about warning others to flee the wrath to come at God’s judgment. We know this because later in this same text He tells us to avoid the pigs and the dogs. We should be careful in how we present the gospel to those who hate truth.  This of course, requires that we make judgments about who is a pig or a dog and who is not. Jesus is not forbidding us from sharing the Gospel ans speaking of sin but is cautioning us about people who despise God’s truth.

          Matthew 7:5 5 "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.”

                The nominal Christian does not read the complete verse. It is clear that before we go to confront others on their sin we should examine ourselves to insure we are not hypocrites. However, after this self examination, we are then to “take the speck out of (our) brother’s eye.” The nominal Christian twists the scripture to “live and let live”- “you do your thing and I will do my thing.” Their “thing” is to live in carnality and to not be confronted with their sins. They re-interpret the scripture to neutralize the conviction of sin. Their Christianity is void of the Gospel message because it does not address sin.

         Paul tells us: “…trough the Law comes the knowledge of sin.” Romans 3:20

                The basis of Christianity is faith and repentance. How can there be repentance without the knowledge of sin? What is there to repent of? 

                                “…the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we might
                                be justified by faith.” Gal. 3:24

                Without the preaching of the law there is no knowledge of sin. Without the knowledge of sin there can be no repentance. The partner of repentance is faith. Without faith, there is no salvation. The false-gospel of the nominal Christian is not loving but narcissistic. They only love themselves. They are only concerned with other people’s opinions of them and not other people’s souls. Their love is a selfish love and it is cruel. Because they do not want to admit their own sins they refuse to tell others of sin and in so doing they deprive people of the possibility of knowing the love of Christ through His salvation. Their lazy narcissism is damning to those around them. 

                It has been said that truth without love is brutality but love without truth is hypocrisy. To withhold the truth is to tell a lie.

                There is nothing loving about deception.

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Frank Rollberg said...

On the streets the people we most here this from are the ones that call" themselves" Christians. Like Paul Washer says" Don't twist scripture lest ye be like satan".Excellent article brother.