Monday, November 15, 2010

Theology of the Nominal Christian Part 2: "It' all about love!"

Have you ever noticed that when you preach the Gospel the Nominal Christian will be offended by the mention of sin and the need for personal repentance? The nominal Christian will even defend sinners. They will say that God is love and God loves all people. They will say that if a preacher mentions personal sins then that preach is proud and self-righteous. He needs to get the beam out of his eye and not worry about other people. Let me give you an example. I recently was weighing in on an issue of open sin in the culture and one person said to me:
“The Bible says we are supposed to be like Jesus not be Jesus!”
“The greatest command is to love and so we should not judge other people but  love them.”

"You need to get the beam out of your eye and not worry about other people.”
 “Jesus is love and Christians are supposed to love everyone! The Bible says that people will know that you are the disciples of Christ by how you love not by telling people that they are sinners and that they are going to hell.”

                The implication was that if a person uses Biblical text to condemn sin then that person has elevated themselves to being equal to God. The nominal Christian would never speak of the need for repentance. Their Gospel is the Gospel of “love.” By love, they mean tolerance and by tolerance they mean that all actions and all choices are equal and valid. Their gospel is a gospel which has no sin and a gospel that does not confront. Their gospel is the not the gospel of the Bible but sounds more like the lucifarian teachings of Alistair Crowley “Do as thou wilt shall be the law.”
                The theology of the nominal Christian says if a person makes any statement about sin then that person is arrogant, self-righteous and not loving. “Jesus is love!” According to them, when a person preaches about sin and the need for repentance they are not preaching love. The nominal Christian has reshaped Jesus in their image. They have rewritten the gospel to please themselves. Their Jesus may love everyone but He cannot save. Their gospel may tolerate everything but it is does not convert.
                Christianity has always had only one message: repent. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus preached repentance. Peter at Pentecost preaches repentance and every disciple of Jesus has preached repentance. That is the message of the Bible and that is the message for today: Repent of your sins and plead for the mercy of God.
                There is no salvation without the message of the Gospel. The Gospel calls men to repent. Repentance is necessary because God is holy are people are sinners. People cannot repent if they do not know what sin is. Without the preaching of sin there will be no conviction of sin. Without the conviction of sin there can be no repentance. Without repentance there can be no conversion. A Christianity that does not speak of sin and repentance is not Christianity at all. 

If you love people show them their need to repent! 

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